Boys & Girls Clubs of Arlington
School Site Locations

​2017-2018 School Site Locations


We serve the following school site locations


Ashworth, Daulton, Ditto, Ellis, Hill, Jones Academy, Key, Larson, Neal, Pearcy, Pope, Reid, Starrett, Summit International Preparatory (Primary)


A child must be at least 5 years-old and in kindergarten, and attend one of the 14 schools listed above.


All programs begin after school and end at 6:30 PM.
These programs are fee based. It is the intention of the Boys & Girls Clubs to offer services to every child regardless of the family’s ability to pay. Scholarships and financial assistance are available upon request.

Download the parent handbook for detailed program information.


Registration for our School Site After School Program this upcoming school year will begin Monday, July 10th!



Registration Information

  • Registration on July 10th:​ You can ONLY register in person at the AISD Mac Bernd Professional Development Center (1111 W Arbrook Blvd. Arlington, TX 76015). 
    • ​Doors Open: 7:30 am
    • ​Registration Begins: 8:00 am
    • ​Registration Ends: 4:00 pm 


  • Starting July 11th: Parents/Gaurdians can register from home or they can register in person at our Administrative Office (608 N. Elm St. Arlington, TX 76011) from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday- Friday.



For RETURNING HOUSEHOLDS: Parents will utilize their previous login information. Please login and double check your information before coming to registration on July 10th. If you need assistance on that day, we can assist you. If you're trying to login from home after July 10th, reach out to Bianca Vigil (information listed below). 



For NEW HOUSEHOLDS: Parents will need to create an account with the site's online portal. For the correct link, please click on the school link below. After selecting your school, follow the registration steps when you access your site's online portal. Please write down your login and password to move forward.



Due to the high volume of parents we are antipacting to register on Monday, June 10th, parents will not be able to register from home until July 11th after 8:00am.




After July 10th, you will be ​able to click on the the site name for your child's school and be directed to the KidTrax parent portal of sites that are not full. If you are clicking on a school site that says (FULL),  you will be directed to the Area Director's email and you can request to be placed on the waitlist. 






Registration Steps



(1) Once you are logged into your online account, you must update your household information. Previous members can find this information under thier household tab. New members will fill out this information when they log into the system for the first time. 



(2) Once the household information is updated, you will enroll only the participant(s) in membership for the 2017-2018 school year under the membership tab. The system will auto populate the membership registration form. Either update or complete the online membership registration for each child. To view a sample Registration Form so you'll be prepared with the right information, CLICK HERE!



(3) Once membership has been added, you will need to add the necessary months to your cart (we label months as activities). When enrolling, you should see two activities available at this time - "Enrollment" and "August 2017". Every member will need to have the 2017-2018 enrollment activity added to thier cart. This will not have a fee attached, but will secure your child's enrollment. If you only want to secure your spot and DO NOT want to attend in August, only add "Enrollment" to your cart.



(4) After adding the appropriate month/activities, you will end at checkout. You will be able to submit the non-refundable membership fee ($35 per child) as well as the fee for August (if selected) via credit card.The $35 fee will auto populate for each child once membership has been added sucessfully. The August fee will populate when the activity for August is added to your cart. Your child will not be a registered member until payment has been received. 



For those families who attend a school located in the city of Grand Prairie (DAULTON, LARSON, STARRETT); you must come to our Administration office to notarize the child's application and provide a photo ID of anyone listed to be able to pick up child, including the parent (a copy of  a DL or family photo are acceptable). Your child will not be a registered member until notarized forms have been received.



Payment Information



The two types of payments are as follows: 


  • Membership Fee - $35, non-refundable fee due upon registration


  • Activity Fee - Monthly payments will vary by location and individual. At the time of registration, you will be filling out a "Payment Agreement" with a staff member, which is kept confidential. 


Payment Methods



  • ​On July 10th - Money Order or Credit/Debit Card paid on the Parent Portal 


  • ​After July 10th - Cash or Money Order at our Administrative Office OR Credit/Debit Card paid through the Parent Portal 


  • ​ACH - This payment process will automatically withdraw funds from your bank account each month once paperwork is submitted to our finance department. This payment option will begin for the month of September. Please be sure to bring a bank letter with account information or a voided check (temporary checks are not acceptable). ACH will only apply to upcoming monthly payments (not the membership fee, weekly fees, or August fees). The monthly payment is based upon a total annual cost, divided by the 9 months the program is in operation. Click Here for ACH Form

​The Boys & Girls Clubs of Arlington DOES NOT accept checks!



​Financial Agreements



Each child (or family, if multiple children) are required to complete a Financial Agreement between the parent and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Arlington. These can be accessed on the day of registration or though contacting Bianca Vigil at to assure it matches  the school your child attends. This form can be submitted via email, at the school site or in person at the Administrative Office. The deadline for your agreement to be turned in is Friday, September 1st!


Financial Aid is available! Click on financial aid for a copy of form. Please complete and submit to the administrative office for processing. 


Financial Aid should include proof of monthly income. Information must be submitted no later than the 1st of the month to qualify starting that month.  Notification of scholarships will be sent through email, and outlined in a  letter for your records.



Payment System



Below, we have listed our Tier Payment System. Please note the following:


  • Financial Aid is available at all tiers
  • August, November, December & March Payments may vary
  • We offer discounts for additional members
  • Ask for more information on AISD, MISD & Summit Faculty/Staff rates 


Tier 1 (T1)  $220 Monthly or $65 Weekly 

Daulton, Ditto, Hill, Key, Neal & Reid



Tier 2 (T2) $195 Monthly or $60 Weekly

Ashworth, Larson & Starrett



Tier 3 (T3) $135 Monthly or $55 Weekly

Ellis, Jones, Pearcy, Pope & Summit



​Site Contact Information
Below are the phone numbers to each school site location. Please note these are only answered during school year operating hours - when Boys & Girls Clubs are open, from 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm.
North Area
​Director: Frank Najera
Ellis: 817-652-1027
​Jones: 817-504-2787
​Larson: 214-336-8239
​Pope: 817-276-0500
​Summit: 817-465-7243
Central Area
​Director: Jestin Patton 
​Ashworth: 817-557-6481
​Ditto: 817-457-8097
​Hill: 817-861-2382
​Key: 817-465-9186
South Area
​Director: Bianca Vigil 
​Daulton: 817-965-1110
​Neal: 817-851-4507
​Pearcy: 817-721-8133
​Reid: 817-522-2306
​Starrett: 972-660-8915
​Because we are in the midst of our summer programming and not all Area Directors are in thier office, we will be streamlining our registration process. For any questions or needed information, please reach out to Bianca Vigil, who will be working at our Administrative Office during the heavy registration timeframe (along with a few support staff). For the quickest response for school year registration information/ general questions, Bianca or support staff can be reached at or 817-275-6551.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Arlington is an on-site childcare provider licensed by

Texas Department of Family & Protective Services.